Cuddles Cavachon 2018


We love him so much! He’s such a smart , good boy! Jill S. LA 2018

Clover AKC Saint Bernard 2018

 Clover (aka Cora) Female AKC Saint Bernard.

We all just love Clover so much. She has been great with the children and so good about going potty outside. Almost 24 hours and no accidents! She is so smart, loving and gentle. Thanks! Carrie PA 2018

Callie Cavachon 2018

AKA Jewels female cavachon.

Here is Callie with her new family. The girls and I just love her! Thanks! Elaine P. & family OH 2018 

Mellie Female Dal-a-poo 2018


Here is Mellie in her new bed in her new home. We love her!! Thanks, Cassidy OH 2018 

Dyna Saint Bernard 2018


 Newly named Dyna, safe in Seattle :) Thank you for all your hard work she is just a the sweetest thing ever! Thanks! Lani  WA 2018 

Leonidas English Bulldog 2018



We are in love with him!  My son refers to him as his brother and is quickly growing fond of him! Thanks Again! Natosha OH 2018

Cece Morkie 2018


 She is Awesome and we just love her! 

Thanks. Sandy B. Ky  2018

Ares Morkie 2018


 Ares morkie with his new big brother. 

I am having the best time with my brother and two HUGE sisters. But don't you worry, I am running them ragged! 

Thanks Again! Steph LA  2018

Maximus Morkie 2018


Cashew Morkie Video 

Tucker Shorkie and Maximus (aka Cashew) Morkie Video playing together. They just love each other! Thanks Chris and Missie WV 2018

CupCake AKC Saint Bernard 2018


 Cup-Cake Saint Bernard  with her new best friend Maxie Golden Border.

Thanks! Judy & James B. Ohio 2018

Ben AKC Saint Bernard 2018


Bandit Benjamin chillin' in his new home. We love him and his sweet personality. Thanks! Dawn  PA 2018

Cutch AKC Saint Bernard 2018


Here is a photo of Cutch he just graduated from puppy school!!  He is so smart and loving Thanks! 2018

Abigail Yorki-Pin 2017


Thank you so much for your help getting our Abigail!  We love her so much! She loves clothes and toys and she has a ton of both! She also loves that her mommy makes her homemade healthy treats all the time.Thank you so much for the joy you helped us find.  Many Thanks  Scott and Randi OH 12/23/2017

Goose Male Golden Border 2017


Goose is doing great! Loves to go on walks, go to the beach, playing in water, and play with our other dog Rudy. He is totally attached to my son Noah, very protective and smart! He knows lots of tricks, sits, lays down, shakes paw, stays, and rolls over! He is a total lover! Loves going to the beach and a big fan of snuggling all night with whoever will take him! Happy to share the Goose Chronicles he is such a joy!! WE❤ him!  Kristen From PA

Shadow Golden Border 2017



 Testimonials to Stephanie and her husband were wonderful starting from the moment We saw her ad for the pups,she responded immediately, allowed us to come see the pups the night we called. She also gave us a very detailed folder with all our pups info including shot records and vets phone # in case of an emergency.  She was very honest and thorough every step in the process. We now have the cutest puppy ever, her  name is Shadow! Our family is now complete!  Thank you so very much! We love her and she is such a joy! 🐶

Rob & Holly Schmunk from Ohio

Bailey Golden Border 2017



I had an absolute wonderful experience buying Bailey. Stephanie was wonderful and very helpful. Bailey is such a lovable and very smart dog. He has not had any health problems and overall my experience was great.  He was so easy to train!  I brag about Bailey to everyone..  Love him!  I would definitely recommend them to others.

Ashley From Ohio

Oz Golden Border 2017


Oz is a golden border . The breeders had all vet forms and shots up to date when I bought him at 8 weeks. Ozzy is an energetic and loving dog. I would recommend them as they are very informed about a dogs health.

Justin from Ohio  

Bowie Golden Border 2017


Bowie is doing great :)  We've just been so enamored with him and we love him. He is a great dog and easy to train. Love him! Thanks for helping us find our joy! Felicia From Ohio